Sunday, September 28, 2014

Halloween, Horsey Style!

Today was the annual Halloween party at the horse barn.  The kids dressed their horse and themselves in costumes.  It was a lot of fun and they really put a lot of time into their planning.  We learned a very important lesson though.... Where it will not harm a horse to use acrylic paint mixed with water on their coat, it is terrible to get off of them!  Next time, tempra paint...  Or actually, no paint at all.  That was no fun on the my end.  (The Queen could not bathe the horse and risk getting her costume dirty so her mom came to the rescue.)

Katzya and Mia went at Queen Elsa and Sven from the movie Frozen.  (Look closely to see the antlers...)  Also in attendance we had a pair of fairies, a little Indian girl, and Mickey and Minnie.  I was surprised the horses left their costumes on and none of them freaking out about the antlers, horns, mouse ears, etc.  

Goes to show the love between a horse and it's rider knows no boundaries.  I'm sure the peppermints  helped to sweeten up the deal....

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