Saturday, November 14, 2015

Confused folks and barking dogs

This morning after shuffling the dogs in and out after their breakfast, I had one dog that did not want to come inside. Because I know it's pointless to argue with a dog seeking the last few rays of sunshine before winter, I left him out on the deck and went about cleaning up the kitchen. About 10 minutes later I heard a dog frantically barking in the backyard.  I didn't recognize the bark as one of my own dogs, but it made no sense for there to be another dog in my backyard, and when I went to the door there was my Jack Russell barking crazily at a man standing in the rear part of my backyard.  I quickly opened the door, and said: "Can I help you?"

His reply:  "Yeah, how much does it cost to buy one of these garden plots for the year?"  

I must have looked confused because he then replied as he's pointing to my raised vegetable beds:  "In the spring, how can I get one of there garden plots?"  I sort of chuckled and said:  "Excuse me?"  He replied: " This is the community garden, right?!"  Quickly I replied: "No sir, it's my backyard!"

After we had a brief discussion on why it wouldn't be smart for him to come into my backyard before coming through the front door again, I directed him to the community garden one block over.  
As soon as my heart was no longer in my throat, I laughed and thought to myself, I guess you know you are doing urban farming correctly when folks think they are in the community garden!

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  1. You are definitely doing it right! Barking dogs and all.