Thursday, November 5, 2015

Good News for Star!

Last Saturday, we received a new foster dog from American Belgian Malinois Rescue.  Her name is Star.  She is 2-3 years old, and originally was a stray.  Star is one of those dogs whom you wish could talk.  She came to AMBR with a healed fracture of the femur, 3 out of 4 K9 teeth broken off, and some intense scarring on her ear.  Star's story until this point has been a sad one, this is evident in the way she shrinks from our hand, paces constantly, and runs from us if we move too fast.  

We have worked very hard this week to treat Star just like any other dog who lives here, and I am happy to report she is making progress.  She has learned to sit, down, and is working on her crate training.  She has made dog friends, cat friends, and is just as nice as they come.  My main concern this week has been Star's leg.  I have been watching her and where originally she came to me with the understanding she would have her leg amputated while she was here, I have questioned that all week.  
I took Star to visit Dr. Kelley tonight for a surgical consult to start the process of having the leg removed, and I am happy to report the veterinarian said Star doesn't need surgery at this time!  Dr. Kelley evaluated Star's leg and agreed, she uses the injured leg just as much as her good leg.  She said her knee was stable, the fracture has healed, and confirmed Star is not in any pain.  She said amputation is still an option if Star is in pain from arthritis later in life, but most likely she will just be 2 inches shorter on one side.
This makes my heart happy, because amputating Star's leg when she has just started to trust us, was really making me sad.  Star doesn't know it yet, but her "story" is about to have a much different ending than she originally expected, an ending where happily ever after does exist!



  1. Such good news! Is there any way you can put a boot with a "lift" in it on Star's shorter leg? Is it possible that over time having one leg that much shorter than the others might cause problems that would be stopped/eased by a boot of some sort that evened that leg out? Just a thought. Star is so lucky to have come to you!

  2. Sounds just like my Jacques Rieur who came to us with a badly healed R. Femur fracture and shattered teeth on hi right upper jaw. Jacques has been with us now for 4 years and has done great!