Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Letter to my dog....

Dearest Dog,

I want to start this letter by reminding you that I, as your dog-mom, will always love you no matter what.  I also want to remind you that if you ever again act the way you acted tonight, I will lovingly choke you with my bare hands.  You see, when you attempt to bite me because you are angry that you have such a "stupid human" to work with, I find you offensive.  You probably picked up on that when the world came crashing down on you after such heinous behaviour....

Embarrassingly for me, I think the entire class found us both offensive.  (I'm not sure if you noticed their horrified stares or not, but go team!)  Good news is, we get to go back again next week!  Bad news is, I am still your partner...  Let's collectively work harder at keeping things civil between the two of us.  Now, I know that deep down inside your little Border Collie heart, you love me.  That love is somewhere, smooshed between loving to work without me and wanting to herd the cats, but you can't fool me, it's in there!  (I see the same look of annoyance on your face that I see on my teenage daughter's face, but I have faith you will come around to your senses soon.)  Until you come around, I, your mother, will just continue to drive you all over the county to agility lessons, nose work lessons, herding lessons, feed you premium organic kibble and insure you have the best veterinary care, all because I love you and I want you to succeed in life.  It's okay, I trust you appreciate me and you can thank me later.

Your Mom

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