Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dibs on the Prozac!

As I was walking through the kitchen tonight, carefully balancing dinner for 9 dogs in my two arms, Star excitedly jumped up on me and BAM!  There thrown all about my kitchen floor was 12 cups of dry kibble mixed with water, 1 can of canned food, several glucosamine tablets and a rogue Prozac.  

For a split second I was angry....

Do these dogs not know that the housekeeper just mopped our floors?  Is it too much to ask the dogs for clean floors just for 1 day?!  

But as I poured myself a glass of wine while watching the dogs suck up dog food faster than a turbo charged vacuum cleaner, I thought to myself:  "Screw it.  I would rather tone a dog down, than build a dog's self esteem up, and if the only thing that keeps this dog excited is food, well by God we will just eat dinner off the floor tonight!"

I call dibs on the Prozac!

*** Star the Malinois will be available for adoption through American Belgian Malinois Rescue.  You can find out more about their amazing organization and adoption requirements at ***

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