Thursday, December 12, 2013

Be Our Guest

Freedom Ride!
Last Friday I was surfing the internet when I cam across a picture of a senior Italian Greyhound that was in our local animal shelter.  It broke my heart.  If you know this breed, you know they are absolute creatures of comfort.  They love to be warm, curl up under blankets at your feet, and snuggle so close to you that they nearly will share your sweatshirt with you if allowed.  Italian Greyhounds don't belong at shelters, they belong in beds and on couches.

I immediately posted a plea for a rescue to step up and and graciously I got a return phone call from Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue of Ohio, but informed them that I had received word that the boy was being pulled by another rescue.  We agreed to keep an eye on Shamu, and wait for the other rescue to pull him.  Flash forward to Tuesday, the other rescue was still having difficulty pulling Shamu from the shelter, so IGRA of Ohio and our rescue decided it was time to pull him.

We are fostering Shamu until rescue can pick him up this weekend, and I forgot just how delightful this breed of dog is.  Shamu is the perfect house guest and is everything an Italian Greyhound should be.  He likes the couch, the most plush dog beds, sweaters, and crosses his front legs and "frogs" his back legs when he lays down.  We are happy that we could pull out our old martingale collar and help this delightful boy.  It has been a pleasure to have him as our guest for the week.

We stole this jacket off a dachshund, who has not forgiven us yet....

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