Monday, December 9, 2013

Behold the Cuteness!

Last Wednesday I went to work with an extra pep in my step.  I was so excited, and I wanted that 8 hour work day to be over so quick, because I could not wait to get home and see my new babies!

We currently have a flock of 8 laying hens that I am getting ready to retire to The Remy Homestead where they will live out the remainder of their years, free ranging with a bigger flock of hens.  Replacing them will be 16 new babies that will hopefully be laying in the spring.  (I will not be keeping this many, but there was a 15 bird minimum and you never know what may or may not live...) 

This is the first time I have raised late early fall chicks, and here is my thought on why this is a good idea....

Chickens stop laying in the winter, or significantly slow down production, and because my flock is not a free ranging flock (They have a backyard time share agreement with the dogs...), I go through a lot of feed for no return in the colder months.  If I feed chicks instead of full size hens, they don't eat as much food and they wouldn't be ready to start laying until the days got a little longer anyways.  This means (I hope...) that they will be ready to lay in the spring as soon as it warms up.  Eureka, am I smart farmer or what?!  

Behold the cuteness!  


  1. I will be waiting to see how this turns out. It's a good idea if it works. I have read that late season chicks don't lay as well but wonder if that is just an excuse for hatcheries to take a break from biz during the holidays because customers take a break or if it is just because it is harder to keep chicks warm enough without bringing them in the house. Keep us informed.

    1. We do this all the time and they lay just as well as the others. Its just tougher to keep them safe and warm enough during their hatching stage.

  2. Adorable! We are hoping to get chicks in the new year, too!