Monday, December 23, 2013

Flood 2013

Canal Rd. is here somewhere!

We received a ton of rain here this weekend!  (5 inches to be exact...)  That doesn't sound like a lot of rain, but when you mix in the fact that we had 8 inches of snow melting on top of that, it has made for a very wet weekend.  Our rivers and streams are all at max capacity and most have peaked, causing massive flooding all throughout the surrounding area, and a lot of road closures making it difficult to get around.  We personally didn't have any water issues, minus 2 inches of water in the basement and a few raised vegetable beds that were under water.  Our neighbors though, were not that fortunate....  Their backyard looks like a pond, and is deep enough that I can kayak around their backyard.

The Reluctant Farmer and I did venture out with our friend Julie for a little shopping this afternoon, and on the way home we had to reroute because of the water.  We were going to take Canal Rd. home, but decided against it when we realized there was no road anymore!

This is not the normal type of precipitation we expect this time of year!  And I don't know why, but snow is not scary in the least to me.  Water in the other hand?!  Scares me to death!

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