Monday, December 2, 2013

Isn't she lovely?!

Last week our stove suffered a tragic death, a death with the dramatic flair of a drag queen who had just suffered a broken nail.  There was fire, billowing smoke, and pizza rolls.  (No worry folks, the pizza rolls faired just fine.  The Reluctant Farmer was able to rescue them via spatula and land them safely onto a plate in record time!)

What wasn't fairing well was The Reluctant Farmer....

You see, The Reluctant Farmer does most of our cooking and where we try to be self sufficient, the bottom line is:  we aren't.  At least, not where the stove is involved.  She needed a stove STAT!

Due to our "monetray diet" we looked at used stoves and free stoves, but finally after 3 trips to the appliance store we broke down and purchased a brand new stove.  We were able to pick the stove up tonight, in the rain of course, and bring it home.  I was so excited for The Reluctant Farmer to see this shiny, new beauty when she got home from work.  But, as soon as The Reluctant Farmer came through the door tonight, I realized our relationship had changed.

Instead of hearing: "Hi!  How was your day?!"  I heard:  "Oh!  Look how pretty it is!," in a high pitched voice usually reserved for puppies and babies.  In fact there was no hello, thank you, or any greeting at all.  And as I am getting ready to go to bed, my old girlfriend and her current lover are busy frying an egg.

It is evident that I have been replaced by someone prettier, but just as white....


  1. Pretty! Boy do I understand the stove thing. I desperately need a new one as well…mine is on it's last legs or should I say burners and it does not inspire me to want to cook:/

  2. I found your blog in a round about way and I'm really glad I did. I've enjoyed going back over your posts! I am on a 1/10 of an acre in the middle of the desert (I think it's actually smaller than that but I'm not great with numbers) and I only have a tiny portion of that to farm on (house takes up most of the lot), but I have chickens, rabbits, a garden... anyway, I'm glad I found your blog, I'll be adding you to my blog roll (and following when blogspot shows your followers (does that on my blog sometimes too). If you get a chance come visit!