Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Milk and Bread Will Save Us All

Facing the snowstorm head on and securing my future through all things dairy!
Due to the fact that we have been on a budget as of late, we do all of our grocery shopping on Thursday night or Friday when we get our weekly allowance.  I realized we were out of milk last night, and thought I would just pick some up on my way home from work.  As they were announcing a winter weather emergency overhead at work every hour today, I realized the error of my preparedness.  You see, we are bracing for the "white death" here in Ohio, and this was the wrong time to be at the grocery store!

What is the "white death" you ask?!  The "white death" is when the people of Ohio hear the word snow and loose their mind!  I am unsure why this is, after all we do live in Ohio and snow happens here year after year.  However, they have already started canceling schools for tomorrow, the salt trucks are already on the road, and the grocery stores are flooded with people buying the last loaf of bread and gallon of milk.  Keep in mind, the first snowflake is not even on the ground yet!  Also keep in mind that with the amount of snow we get we are never out of commission for more than 2 days, maximum.  Yet, we flock in droves to secure our gallon of milk and bread much like we did during the 1999 Christmas season when Walmart was getting their latest shipment of Tickle-Me-Elmo's delivered.  This rush is driven by fear, and it's a homage we are serious about.

And, where was I tonight?!  Stuck right in the middle of all the crazies getting their milk and bread rations.  Thank goodness there was plenty of milk to go around for everyone, and no one had to be turned away empty handed.  I'm not 100% sure, but I have a hunch we are going to survive the 6-8" of snow just fine....  

The boy stocking this cooler said he had to refill it three times per hour tonight....


  1. I'm from Pa....and the same thing happens. And I just don't get one is going to starve to death in 2-3 days.....or wow, a real storm, might be 5-7 days...

  2. Milk maybe but in a pinch you can bake the bread (unless your oven is electric). Doesn't anyone keep a stocked pantry?

    1. I so agree... I don't like to drink powdered milk, but I do have some none the less - just in case. (as well as a bunch of food of course.)

  3. Too Funny! They do the exact same thing in the hot-dog and beer isle when it turns out to be sunny and warm. Silly people.