Monday, January 27, 2014

Lack of responsibility

What is not responsible about this face?!

I came home tonight and upon approaching my house I notice we had no curtains in the living room windows.  Immediately my heart jumped to my throat and I instantly knew what had happened.  We had been robbed....  

I twisted the door knob, and it was locked.  

Well, isn't that nice?  The jerk who robbed us could have at least left the door unlocked for me!  I slid my key into the key hole, turned the knob and SLAM!

Suddenly it felt like a cinder block hit the back of the door as the door snapped back and hit me in the face!  Now I was just flat out angry.  I again tried to open the door only to feel someone pushing back on it again, only this time the push was accompanied by barking, snarling, and I could feel hot air on my fingers.  Immediately I realized my puppies were loose....  I also quickly realized, I was going to get bit if I didn't announce who I was upon coming through the door.  

As soon as I said: "It's me guys!"  I was greeted by a fury of tail wagging exuberance and two bouncing, puppies looking at me as if to say:  "Well, why didn't you just say so?!"  

As I surveyed the house I was nervous.  Two shepherd puppies out all day, left to their own devices, is never a good thing.  Luckily, there was no real damage to my house, just the curtains they tore down, balled into the perfect heap and clearly slept on all afternoon, a destroyed dog bed and busted up baby gate.  Tomorrow they will go back to their crates while we are at work since they are not responsible enough to stay in the laundry room by themselves without escape.  

I'm not ready to risk my house to these monsters just yet....
Some of their handy work....

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