Sunday, January 26, 2014

Stray for a Stay

On Friday I receive a text message from The Reluctant Farmer that said: "I think God sent me something to feed today.  When I pulled up to the house after dropping Katzya off at school, he was sitting on the doorstep.  I thought he would run away but he didn't."  

Of course, there was no picture with the accompanying text....

I text back in a panic: "There is no picture!  What did you find?!"  In my mind I was afraid.  I had just given up rescue and where I knew God never gives someone more than they can handle, I wanted to make sure God and the universe knew I could handle no more critters!  (I feed FROMM Family dog and cat food to all of these critters, and that with medical costs makes it expensive around here!)

The Reluctant Farmer text me back this picture with a message that said:  "I just found it funny he didn't run off the porch, but stayed there like he was waiting.  I think God sent him to me.  We are calling him Bob."  

Bob has been hanging around the porch now for 2 days.  He looks well fed, but he is hungry and thirsty every time he comes to visit.  I don't know if maybe he is normally fed by an elderly person that can't get out in the snow?  Regardless, I worry about him since we have received several more inches of snow since yesterday, drifts two feet deep and the temperatures are dipping into the single digits.  It's rough to be any creature, man or beast, out in these elements....

 We didn't want to leave Bob out in the elements with no protection so tonight we made a makeshift shelter out of two cardboard boxes to help keep him warm and so he would be sheltered from the wind. 

 Our design is fairly ingenious, has a veranda to house Bob's food dish and has an L-shaped entrance so the wind can't blow directly in on him.  To add to more comfort to our "homeless feline housing project," we put  a non-electric warming disc and fleece blanket into the box to keep him toasty.  

At this rate, Bob won't leave until spring!

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