Sunday, May 11, 2014

God has a sense of humor.....

I have come to the conclusion that teenagers are proof God has a sense of humor.  They might also be the reason for the national homicide increase, thus due to the fact that they know EVERYTHING, you know NOTHING, and the fact that the adult hands are nearly the perfect size to fit around the teenage neck.  Anyway....

Tonight, I go to pick up Katzya from her dad's house and she is doing her laundry.  Please keep in mind she has had nearly 2 hours to wash and dry the load of laundry she was working on, yet it still was not done when I got there.  We were in a hurry as we needed to get out the barn to feed the horse, so I merely suggested she set the dryer for 30 minutes and we would return to make sure her laundry was completely dry after the horse was taken care of.

Me:  "Please just hurry Katzya!  Throw your clothes in the dryer, set the dryer for 30 minutes, and let's go."

Katz:  "I'm hurrying!"

Me:  "Don't forget to empty the lint trap before you turn the dryer on.  We don't want to set your dad's house on fire!"

Katz:  "The lint what?!"

Me:  "The lint trap!  It traps the lint from the clothes that you are drying and you must empty it after every use or you could start a fire."

Katz:  "Don't worry mom, our dryer doesn't have a lint trap." she says as she rolls her eyes like I am the biggest idiot that has ever roamed the earth.

Me:  "Katz, every dryer has a lint trap."

Katz:  " Not ours.  I would have noticed a lint trap for sure!"

This sentence is coming from a child who wouldn't be able to find an elephant in the living room if she was staring right at it....

I removed a pile of socks from the top of the dryer, and low and behold, I unearthed the lint trap.  I show it to Katzya.  I remove the screen, show her how to empty it and teach her how to put it back together.

Then suddenly I get all the recognition I could ever want on this fine Mother's Day weekend....

Katz:  "Whoa, who knew?!  Mom you are really smart!"

I'm not sure what she was more amazed with, the fact I actually knew something OR the fact that the dryer had a lint trap, but you know what?  I'll take it as a compliment and the best mother's day gift ever!  As the mother of a teenager it isn't everyday you are right, heck I think the last time I was right was 14 years ago when I decided to become a mom.  But hey, who's keeping score?!

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