Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I wonder

She watches me with a silent peacefulness.
Asking to be loved and showing her appreciation in return.
She is a wise being and often times she leaves me wondering what animals think.

How much do they know?
Are they grateful?
Does she remember her previous owner being murdered?
Was she confused when she had to leave the only other house she called "home"?
I suppose, in essence none of that matters here.

We don't talk about their past.
Not with her.
Not with any of the other animals that share our life.
I want them to remember the kindness of the human spirit.
I don't want their soul to be bogged down by the "rescue" stigma which only allows them to live in the past.
I want their hearts to be filled with love, peace, and presence.
Those are the greatest gifts I can give them....

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