Thursday, May 29, 2014


Earlier this year I purchased a very large seed order from a seed company in Sharon Spring's, New York.  I had never used their seeds before, but decided I would take a gamble and see how their products performed.  I was impressed.  Every seed I planted came up and I venture to say we had 600-800 seedlings.  For weeks we planted and planted.  Our gardens looked amazing!  And that is when the flood hit last week.... 

We ended up with 4 feet of water standing in our garden, 5 feet of water in our house, and not a seedling (or furnace/central air unit!) survived.  My first call was to my insurance company, hoping to get some help with all that was lost in our basement.  My second call was to Landreth Seed Company to get our garden back in some sort of working order.  (A big deal if you depend on your garden for half the food you eat in a year...)

The seed company representative assured me she would get my order in the mail that day, and I had been watching my back account like a hawk all week waiting for the funds to come out so I could see when my seeds were shipped.  No money was ever taken out.

Last night though my seeds were in our mailbox, The Reluctant Farmer immediately replanted, and still I noticed no money had been deducted from our bank account.  I called Landreth this morning to make sure they got their money, and was shocked when I was told:  "Those were a gift from us to you.  Happy planting, happy summer, and may you have enough rain to water your garden, but not destroy your life." 

Thank you Landreth Seed Company!  Not only do your seeds perform brilliantly, but your customer service does too.  You will forever have a customer in us here On the Urban Farm, and your goodness was humbling. 


  1. That is wonderful! Talk about customer service! My poppa used to say that gardener have to be cheerful optimists or just plain crazy to keep planting a garden and fighting the element years after year - he chose to be the cheerful optimist. I bemoaned the fact that my lettuce drowned in the flooding last week ... but than I re-planted! Taking after my dear old Poppa!

    1. Your Poppa was a smart man! Perhaps the gardener's new slogan should be: Keep Calm and Garden On! :)

  2. What a lovely story! I had just the opposite customer service situation with The Bulk Barn downtown today. It sure made your story so much more enjoyable! Good things do happen to good people! Blessings!!!