Saturday, August 3, 2013

George: 173 Buster: 0

Several weeks ago we started fostering a collie for Tri State Collie Rescue named Buster.  Buster is a very fun boy, and active due to his age and lack of discipline in his life previous to entering the rescue.  (He is getting quite the education while he's here!)  We are teaching him the "leave it" command, and where Buster is very smart, he is also very determined.  

George is the cat in the picture and he is one cool cat.  He is always the cat I use to test for cat aggression in my foster dogs.  With swag and moxie, George exudes confidence, doesn't run, and is NEVER wrong about a dog!

If I bring a dog in to my house that is cat aggressive George will tell us right away.  He will not come downstairs, or he will bristle and growl at the dog.  With dogs like Buster, who just need a reminder (many times!) that manners are expected, he hands out firm but fair "nose taps", and again he doesn't ever run.  He almost dares them: "Come on, try it!  You will wish you had never even been born!"  Because of Buster's determination, I find myself telling him to leave George alone A LOT!!  Tonight I could take it no more...

Sometimes a mom just gets sick of talking to her children and repeating herself over and over again.... 

Sometimes you just have to let them learn on their own... 

Finally after the 473rd time of telling Buster to "leave it" in regards to the cat, I thought I am just going to let him learn the hard way.

As you can see, ol' Buster got the lesson of a life time tonight, and I'm not going to lie, I didn't feel one bit sorry for him!  

No worries, only Buster's pride was hurt.  George chased Buster into his crate and sat cooly outside reminding him that there was one man in charge of this house, and it was not Buster!  

Score is:  
George: 173  Buster: 0


  1. Laughing out loud! Go George! You ROCK!

  2. You're right about letting them learn on their own. Sometimes they just have to learn the hard way:/ But it is funny in a strange and warped way:)

  3. Good job!! Sometimes it's best just to let Nature sort things out. Nice going, George. (And blessings on you, mama, for your work in dog foster.)