Tuesday, August 6, 2013

You save me, I'll save you...

Yesterday I had come home from a long day at work, let my 6 dogs outside and leashed my foster dog Buster for a walk.  At the same time I threw my dinner in the oven knowing it would be ready by the time Buster and I got back inside.

Just as planned, Buster and I arrived back home, my dinner still had a few minutes left to cook, and I let my other dogs back inside.  Only 4 of my dogs came back inside though, and I figured the 2 that were missing were just enjoying the sunshine on the deck.  Selfishly, I decided that I would leave those 2 dogs outside while I ate my dinner real quick.  (Eating dinner with 7 pairs of eyes staring at you is sometimes unnerving...)  
As I was eating my dinner Buster ran up to me and forcefully nipped at my arm.  I had never seen him act like this before, and quickly corrected him for the behaviour.  That did not stop him though.  He came right back at me again, this time grabbing my pant leg.  I yelled at him to stop, but could tell he was very agitated.  He was running in circles, looking out all of my windows, and panting like his butt was on fire.  At that point he ran back over to me, an nipped me again while barking this time.  I was beginning to get angry at him, and decided at that point I would just crate him until he settled down.  As I stood up, Buster started hopping up and down on his front feet, and was frantically circling me while running to the back door and then back to me again.  Suddenly I asked him, "Do you have to go potty?!"  Buster started crying and jumping all over the back door, as I wrangled him into a sit and put his leash on him.  I opened the door to the backyard and Buster went barreling out the back door, hell bent on getting outside, and suddenly my heart stopped.....

There on my deck was my 10 year old Belgian Tervuren (and soul mate) blue and gasping for air.  I couldn't tell exactly what was going on for a second, and then I realized he wears a flat collar with his id tags on it, and somehow when he was laying on the deck his tags got stuck between the slats and as he pulled or circled to get away the collar just got tighter and tighter essentially cutting off his airway.  I was able to pinch the plastic buckle on the collar and the collar fell of freeing Chai, and then it dawned on me....

Buster just saved Chai's life!  How about that?!  I have always said that "fostering saves lives" and fostering Buster not only saved one life, but it saved two, and for that I will be eternally grateful.  Now it's not that Buster is a regular-Lassie or anything, and he is trying to not let all this "your a hero" stuff go to his head, but he would like me to mention that he is still available for adoption to the prefect home.  

Buster is a 3 year-old, neutered male collie, who is flawlessly housebroken and crate trained.  He loves older children (the younger ones move a bit too quick for his liking....) other dogs, and "herding dog savvy" cats.  He loves to walk, ride in the car, and play fetch until your arm falls off or until you say "enough".  Buster's ideal family would understand that he needs someone who is a "leader", because if they are not ready to take that position he will.  He corrects well, loves to please and will all but turn himself inside out for a good butt scratching session.  PS:  If anyone out there is looking for a performance dog?  Buster is your man!  With biddable drive, instinct, focus, and brain this dog is the agility/obedience/tracking competitor's dream.  The focus that this boy gives you EVERY time is hard to find and his attention is to die for!  Buster does have hypo-thyroidism which requires $12.00 worth of medication every month, but really that is a small price to pay for such a brilliant best friend.  Think Buster might be the perfect dog for your family?  Go on over to Tri State Collie Rescue's page and fill out an adoption application for this boy.  http://www.tristatecollierescue.org/adoption-application.html  Can't adopt right now?  We understand, but can you please share Buster's information to help him find his forever home?  

Thanks, Emily and Chai  (Buster's most grateful fans....)


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