Monday, August 12, 2013

Grit and hard work....

It is county fair week here, and Katzya has been working hard on getting Mia (and herself!) ready for the show pen.  This year has been a little challenging for Katzya in terms of showing.  

Katzya loves to show on a local circuit during the year from about April - October, but this year without a horse to show (Mia is very limited on the amount of showing that she will participate in, and to our family she is a companion first and a show horse second...) we sat out this show season.  Holding us back from purchasing a new horse is money currently.  

Showing horses comes with a price, and when you are showing several weekends a month, it comes with a big price.  As a family, we decided sitting out this year was what we needed to do financially.  (There is a valuable lesson in teaching a child that you can't always have what you want, and where we would love to give her another horse, realistically some children don't ever get one horse, let alone two.  She gets it...)  

But slowing down our progress most recently is the fact that Katzya fell off Mia several weeks ago, and was afraid to really commit to her riding again.  It has been a challenge for both of them.  While we leased another horse last year, Mia sat in her stall, unemployed, eating and being content with her retirement phase of life.  She was so content that she decided she wasn't going to lope anymore, and there was really no amount of retraining that was going convince her otherwise!  So for the last 3 weeks, Katzya and Mia have worked tirelessly on finding Mia's "lost third gear".  Finally, after what might have been the most stubborn battle of wills that they have ever encountered in their relationship, Katzya won the battle! 

And I am proud to say all of Katzya's hard work has paid off brilliantly!  I got this picture earlier today on my cell phone, and by the smile on this girl's face you can tell she is proud of all the hard work she's put in.  

Way to go ladies, I couldn't be more proud of you!

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