Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pupdate on Wigzi!

 Several people have written about Wigzi and asked how he was doing so I thought I would give an update.  Wigzi just came back to my house a week ago after spending a couple weeks with my friend Debbie and her dogs, and where the improvements are not always obvious they are big!

1)  Wigzi now holds his tail up in the air.  Gone is the tucked tail that he wore before and you can tell is becoming more confident being around people.  (We still aren't allowed to pet him....)

2)  In the last few days he has started playing with the other dogs, and he LOVES to run around the yard on his flexi-leash.

3)  He now lays in the same room as me when I am on the computer and he jumps up on the couch to lay down even with me sitting on it.

4)  He gets in trouble a lot!  He is discovering his inner puppy, digging through the trash, chewing on bones and toys, or vacuum cords and shoes.  You know, whatever he wants!  ;)

5)  He is terribly cat aggressive and frequently gets scolded for harassing the kitties in a not so kind way.

6)  He has quit barking in his crate, but has discovered how to bark at me for other reasons.  No one really knows what those reasons are except him.  He just stands there with his head cocked and barks at me.  If I try to ask him what he wants he runs like his butt's on fire!  Baby steps....

My friend Julie described Wigzi and I's relationship the best.  It is sort of like the move "50 First Dates".  We have to start over again EVERY day, but I figure as long as I am given another tomorrow we will try again.  I have faith that this boy is going to make it!    

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  1. Hope he makes it.....and it will be good to have the updates on him. You are such a patient and kind person. God Bless.