Saturday, January 26, 2013

Love is not always kind....

I was asked Friday to help with an animal cruelty situation in Tipp City Ohio.  Animal control needed volunteers to assist in the removal and relocation of 85 dogs from a hoarding situation.  The woman's love of animals had taken a tragic turn when she took on way too many dogs.  She "rescued" dogs from various animal shelters and breeders, however got caught up in the self-serving aspect of rescue.  The dreaded: "Oh, this one needs a home.  I will keep it because no one can give it as good of a home as I can!" I hear this from people constantly in rescue, and I hate it!

If you "rescue" and never adopt out any of the animals you take on, continue to take on more animals, and never turn anything away, you are a hoarder.  Call a spade a spade.  It is unfair to keep dogs in cages for their entire life.  It is unfair to let them, live in their own waste.  It is unfair to put them in a situation where they have to fight each other for basic things such as food and water.  I am sure the woman loved these dogs, and I am sure she is as kind and loving as her friends have said she is.  However, I am also sure you can love and abuse an animal, if you "rescue" incorrectly.  This weekend I have seen this very issue in 85 pairs of eyes.  The stress, confusion, and fear on these dog's faces make me sick.  You have to wonder at what point do you look around your fece laden, urine soaked, blood stained house and think: "Wow, I am really doing a great thing for these animals!"  My guess is no mentally stable person ever does this.  

To be quite frank, even if not every dog gets a new home, and euthanasia is eminent for the aggressive and sick, I am okay with that.  Death is more humane then the way these dogs lived.  At least they died with full bellies, warm places to sleep, and in the arms of people who showed them compassion and kindness.  As a hoarder, love means loving something so much that it becomes abusive.  As a rescuer, love means doing the right by the animal, whatever that may be.  Either way, love is not always kind.....    


  1. Oh the heartbreak and tragedy of not taking care of animals the way they need to be taken care of. I agree with your sentiments; as seemingly "harsh" as it may be. Bless you for giving of your heart, your time, and your tears, I'm sure.

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  3. Well said Emily. A very sad situation all around. I just heard that the Tipp City woman has pancreatic cancer and may not live more than a few weeks. Heartbreaking for all concerned.

    1. fortunately for her, she won't be prosecuted then.

  4. absolutely right on, Emily. very proud of you, girl.