Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WW: My Soul Dog

Sometimes when I look at Chai, he is absolutely so beautiful that he takes my breath away.  This is a picture of him laying on the deck in the fall.  He is by nature one of the quietest dogs I have ever met, and when I took this picture I remember glancing over at him and instantly getting chills by the focus and expression in his eyes.  I love this boy so much.  I rescued his sister (Nautique) from an abusive home, and was able to meet their breeder through this event.  She and I became friends and I purchased Chai a year before his sister died.  Nautique was my soul mate, and I have never met anyone human or animal that understood me the way she did and I am confident I probably never will.  Sometimes when I look into Chai's eyes I see Nautique looking back at me.  The resemblance is uncanny and the devotion is unbounding.  They hold my heart....

(This was supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday post, but some dogs and pictures just deserve to be talked about!)

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