Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Can't please 'em all!

Today I received an email from an upset reader wondering how I could ever purchase 2 dogs, and had I felt better I would have replied sooner.  They wanted to know how I could ever consider myself a rescuer of animals if I advocated, by purchasing, from a breeder.  In my heart I knew eventually this question was going breech itself like a whale washed up on shore.....

There is a huge difference between reputable breeders and backyard breeders.  One is in it for the money, and their dogs I rescue constantly.  The other stands behind what he puts on the ground and takes any dog they produce back, no matter what, for the life of the dog.  A reputable breeder doesn't let what they produce sit in a shelter, because they are the first line of contact when an owner can no longer keep the dog.
A reputable breeder requires a spay and neuter contract on every dog they put in a pet home, and that is IF they don't have the procedure completed themselves before the dog leaves their care.

A reputable breeder knows all of the genetic defect possibilities and only breeds the stock that is going to absolutely enhance the breed.  They do genetic testing on the dog's eyes, elbows, hips, etc...  And at the first sign something might not be correct?  They don't breed their dogs!  

A reputable breeder breeds for temperament, and if the temperament is not of a quality that they desire, then they don't breed their dogs.

And lastly, a reputable breeder doesn't make a dime on puppies!  By the time every puppy is vaccinated, wormed, micro chipped, altered and the parents the same plus xrays and genetic testing, there is no money made.

I knew what breed of dog I wanted this time, and I didn't want a dog with any baggage this go around.  (I have plenty of those!)  I researched my breed, and I did a lot of homework prior to even meeting these dogs.  In my eyes there is no shame in that.  It feels good to know that if I screw up the dogs I just obtained from a reputable breeder, I have no one to blame but myself.

I get this a lot from people:  "Hey Emily, I am looking for a Golden Retriever."  My advice is always:  Do your homework, find a reputable breeder or adopt from your local rescue/shelter.  Many folks in the rescue world get upset if people buy from a breeder.  I don't.  I would rather be the person that helps someone find the perfect dog for their family, than the rescuer that has to pull the dog from the shelter any day!


  1. Absolutely agree!!!

  2. So true - our Great Pyrenees came from a reputable breeder (only bred when he had buyers for the puppies). He even came out to visit us this past year to see how she was doing. His daughters approved of how Minnie was living, so she gets to stay! haha

    We wanted to rescue a Pyr, but all of the organizations we contacted said "no way" when we told them she was going to be a livestock guardian dog. They only adopted for "house pets". Pyrs are working dogs, not house dogs!

    I wondered how long it would take for you to get an upset e-mail! Keep up the good work you're doing. :)

  3. Isn't it sad that we have to defend our decisions to people who probably don't really know us. That is one of the awful things about social media. Thank you for answering in kindness. I will assume that whoever wrote did so out of concern for animals and not to question your motives. Blessings.

  4. Bless the pointed head of that reader. Your motives are always well intentioned. Cindy D.