Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kindness and coffee

Today I decided to walk Linda down to the local coffee shop in an effort to work on her socialization skills and fulfill my need for caffeine.  She does amazing on a leash and walks in a natural heel position at my side, but is afraid of cars and activity.  (Linda's initial over exuberance at the breeder's house, has turned into nervous energy that I am working through...)  I have been taking her everywhere I go in hopes that she will get over this as soon as possible!

My plan was to tie Linda to a bench outside the coffee shop, run inside, grab my cup o' joe and come right back outside.  Naturally the coffee shop was packed and Linda did not like that I was inside and she was alone.  Suddenly a boy about 9 years old, says to me: "Ma'am, I would be happy to stand out here with your dog and pet her while you get your coffee."  I explained that Linda was a little nervous, but if he would be so kind to pet her, she would probably love that.

I looked out the window of the coffee shop and this is what I saw.  Two little boys petting Linda and if you look closely, one boy has taken off his jacket and wrapped it around Linda to keep her warm.  The other boy is holding his jacket up to block the wind for her.  When socializing a new dog, there is nothing better than mannerly children!


  1. What sweet boys!! Their parents are doing a wonderful job raising them!!