Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Haunted

Tonight we went downtown to our town's Harvest Festival and annual Olde Tippecanoe Ghost Walk, put on by the local town bookstore.  The ghost walk is one of our favorite fall traditions because it combines a bit of local history and lore.  Tonight was no different.  There was even more history this year than the year before and we had a great time.

After the tour tonight, we went back to the bookstore for a look around.  There were a bunch of people standing around talking about ghosts and such when one of the women there said she wanted to go to the basement to look around, but was scared to go alone.  Katzya quickly volunteered to accompany her, and off they went  (I refuse to go to the basement because of an occurrence that happened several years ago.  See last year's blog post )

Suddenly we hear what sounds like a herd of elephants coming down the hallway, the woman in the lead and Katzya hot on her heels.  Both of them wide-eyed, pale and looking scared.  Katzya goes on to explain they were walking down the basement stairs and she was telling the woman she had never seen a ghost encounter when a book fell off a bookshelf landing on the floor in front of them.  Katzya asked the woman if she saw the book fall, and before their very eyes 2 more books fell on top of the first book.  ( Here is an example of some of the things that happen in the bookstore )

We definitely got our money's worth out of this years ghost walk, and it sure has brought our family together!  Where else can you get a shaking teenager glued to you for the duration of the evening and into the night?  The bed is going to be a bit small tonight as I have to squeeze in the third person.....

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