Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Half pound heart thief

It's hard to believe the kitten that has taken up residency on my kitchen table (The only dog free zone in the house....) is the same kitten that was knocking on death's door 5 days ago.  He is gaining weight, his eyes are bright, there is no more nasal discharge coming from his nose, and he is starting to play.  The change is unbelievable!

We do know a little more about his situation now...  Evidently he was brought into our local animal shelter by a woman who wanted to have him euthanized, however she didn't want to pay the $2.00 fee to turn him in, so on her way out of town she threw him out the window of her car while going over a bridge.  Her throwing ability must have been no better than her "moral compass" and the kitty landed on the bridge instead of hitting the water.  Some consider it bad luck, but I am going to consider it fate.  What is the probability that my sister would be going across this bridge at nearly the same time this kitten was thrown out of a moving car?  What is the probability that no one else hit him?  And what are the odds that this tiny being could survive such an ordeal being as sick as he was?

My prayer is complete and total healing for Brent/Lou (He has many names as most of our pets do...).  I didn't need or want another cat (We have two already.) but I guess God knew this cat needed a soft touch and kindness, so here we are.  I won't lie, he has kneaded and purred his way into all of our hearts.  I hope he is sleeping better at night than the less than stellar woman who tossed him out the window!


  1. Poor wee man! I hope he has a wonderful love filled life with you guys!!

  2. How awful. It makes me so angry when I hear about the way some people treat animals. They are not garbage, they are God's creation. You are so very sweet to rescue him and give him the love he needs.

  3. He is one lucky little boy. It doesn't always turn out so happy. I also have a rescued kitty. She is a love and about 11 years old now.