Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A blizzard, oh my!

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The next 24 hours might prove to be exciting in our area.  We are currently under a "blizzard watch" until Thursday morning at 1 am, with a forecast of 3-8 inches of snow fall in our area.  In my mind this is hardly a blizzard.  However, since the Reluctant Farmer and I are both full-time health care workers provisions for the farm have been made.  (Hospitals much like farms, do not stop for holidays or weather...)

We are both on call tomorrow, and I know there is a real possibility that if we get 8 inches of snow I will not be coming home tomorrow night.  My bags are packed with enough provisions for 3 days, and it would not be the first time I have has to stay over because other people were unable to get in to work.  It is what it is....

I was a bit snarky with the Reluctant Farmer because she was worked up over the "white death" we experienced on Friday, and tonight she scoffed and asked me why I was paying so much attention to the weather for tomorrow when I just posted about the "white death paranoia" and I had to break it down for her....  To plan ahead when you have other beings depending on you for basic necessities is not playing into paranoia.  It is rationally using your head.  I need to leave here tomorrow morning with the assurance that if I can't leave the hospital and come home to feed and water my animals, they are going to still be alive when I do happen to return.  (The last time this happened I was gone for 3 days...)  You won't see me running around like a chicken with my head cut off over 8 inches of snow, you will see a finely executed plan of preparedness and calmness.  As soon as I realized that this storm might hit us, I called the Remy family and worked out a plan with them.  If the Reluctant Farmer and I are unable to return tomorrow night, Christie and Briley will come over and stay at the homestead managing all of the livestock needs.  Good friends are essential to farming, and I feel good knowing these two ladies will step into my house and run it if need be.  I am so blessed!


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  1. Poor Reluctant Farmer! I am full of sympathy. I stress, fret and generally get all worked up for even an inch or two. Eight would probably require medication. I'm sure we will lose power for weeks on end or we will have a 152 car pile up in the very exact place my car will be sitting on the highway. I'm off this week but Mom has to travel back to Arkansas through the thick of it so I am hoping she gets a break between the storms and there is no southern ice. Take care!