Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dogs for warmth!

The temperatures around our area have been dipping into the mid 30's and 40's for the last several weeks, however I refuse to turn the heat on because it is too early!  We live in an older Cape Cod style house and it does not heat well on the top floor which is where our bedrooms are.  We have many down comforters and blankets to keep us warm, but the best form of warmth in our house is a dog.  (This is the only time all year that our dogs pull their weight around here on the farm!)  We all have our favorite sleeping companions, and Katzya's favorites are Suzi and Larry.  After going up to Katzya's room tonight I think I might have to cave in and turn on the heat.  They do look super cute all snuggled in together but I must admit defeat and say some heat might be in order tonight.....  


  1. So maybe you have a few four dog nights! BOL!

  2. The crazy humans in the building decided to upgrade the hot water system in the building...considering we have under floor heating using hot water, we lose a day of heat and it makes our top floor cold too! I now sleep under the covers right beside my human's warm belly!