Friday, December 21, 2012

The White Death!

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Well, today was supposed to be the end of the world.  As I write this I'm still here though, which is an encouraging thing!  (Guess those canned goods will have to be used later this winter!)  We did managed to get a dusting of snow over night and winds of 55 mph, so I sit here rather cozy in my warm little cottage with a cup of tea and a blank screen.  All of the barn animals are snuggled in and are happily munching on hay and pellet rations, while the dogs laze around just happy to be inside.  

I find it funny how this weather turns people into paranoid beings running in circles, scared for their life.  Perhaps the 1" of snow is the end of the world that the Mayans predicted?!  I think life is what you make of it.  Some people see the "white death", I see a chance to relax, catch up with myself, and watch a spectacle I never get tired of seeing:  dainty, white snowflakes dancing on the wind are a welcome sight in this house....

I hope this blog post finds you safe and warm, and I hope you find reason to enjoy everything about this season.  If you are one of my many friends who can's stand the snow and cold, rest assure today is the winter solstice so the days are going to get longer from here on out, 2-3 seconds per day!  

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  1. I'm so glad you are warm and toasty! Same here but I have to admit, I hate the snow on the roads, mostly because I have to drive an hour to work with 20 miles of curvy back roads until I get to a highway. Out where we are, they don't plow for a long time, and we get maybe some cinders. I'm on a ridge top so just getting down to the road is a challenge. Most of my vacation days are taken in winter!