Wednesday, October 2, 2013

State of our government...

For the past 2 days I have listened to people fret over the fact that their spouses don't have jobs, that their foster children can't get their welfare checks, and that their vacations might have to be on hold all because our government is shut down. 

I have listened to people complain about the Democrats, Republicans, and Obamacare.  I have listened as the break room erupts into chaos, filled with confusion and fear of the unknown.

I have also had so many shocked people ask me, due to our lack of outside influence:  "What do you mean you hadn't heard that this was going on?!  This is why you need a television!"  You are wrong.  This is exactly why I don't need a television!  I don't need the hysteria, fear, and negativity that is being thrown around worse than Miley Cyrus' underwear.

When I was using the outhouse tonight, I got to thinking.  Life could be so much worse.  If you are still updating your status on Facebook from your iPhone, are complaining because you can't get your hair or nails done because your husband is furloughed, or are worried about how you will send little Suzie to her private school, then know you aren't dying.  You're just being mildly inconvenienced.

I'm an American, folks. The government may be going down the "shitter", but I will survive.  In fact we all will survive!  Perhaps not unscathed, but we will make it.  I can't help but think that this is the time when we should start reaching out to our neighbour, start living a more sustainable lifestyle, and just slow down....  


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  1. You're right. We will survive and we can take care of each other. We started a little campaign here to donate to our local food bank in response to the government shutdown. For some people, the lost paycheck can mean hard choices, but we don't need the government to make those choices easier. We can do it ourselves.