Friday, March 15, 2013

A 3 dog night....

I was driving home this evening from work, chatting on the phone, when suddenly I saw a little tan chihuahua darting back and forth through traffic on Main St.  I quickly hung up the phone, chased the little dog into a backyard, and called the police.  It then dawned on me that I had several of the animal control officer's phone numbers on my cell phone and decide to call Christine since she is closest to me.  I asked her if she could come help me catch the little dog, and she quickly obliged.  Christine arrived even before the police!  (Yes, folks she is that fast...)  After the 4 of us chased the pooch around for a bit, it finally figured out how to get back into it's fenced yard and we all parted ways with thanks and a chuckle.

Flash forward a few hours....

I am sitting on my front porch swing, listening to the rain and thinking about life, when I see 2 little tan chihuahuas run by.  They run directly into the path of an oncoming car, who quickly stops for them and I start following them on foot.  I chase them across the street, behind a building and hold them there.  Who do I call to come help me?  Yep, my good friend Christine!  We only ended up catching one of the two chihuahuas, and looked high and low for the owner, but with no luck.  Finally, after exhausting all efforts we headed in for the night.  The little chihuahua has become my house guest for the evening, and she has settled in quite nicely!

I am calling her Tina, after Christine at the shelter and if the owner doesn't show up for her she has a home! God wouldn't have me chase 3 tan chihuahuas in one night if he didn't want me to have one, right?!


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    1. You as the Reluctant Farmet are not allowed to post things anonymously on my blog..... ;) We will find it's home, don't fret. At latest I didn't bring home a St. Bernard! :)

  2. Oh Anonymous/Reluctant Farmer - "Oh Lord help me," is exactly what my hubby says every time a new one comes home with me too!!!!! And Emily, Tina is a lovely name :)