Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pinterest, Farmyard Style!

Tonight I went to the horse barn and when I walked in I noticed there was a plastic water bottle, half full of water, sitting on top of the bank of light switches.  There is sat secured by a "zip tie", in all it's glory.  My first thought was, "Wow, that is a genius way of telling if it is cold enough for the water buckets to freeze!"  In my rationale if the water in the bottle froze, then you would know that it was cold enough for the buckets to freeze, and you should turn on the bucket heaters.  I went on about my night, catching up with my barn friends, not really thinking about the bottle.  

Several hours later, while chatting with Anna and her mom Kerri, I asked, "Why is this bottle sitting here?"  Anna pipes up with: "It's to catch the water that is leaking in from the roof!"  Anna went on to explain that she was turning on the light switches last week, and when she reached over she got shocked because there was water on the bank of switches.  She said shortly after she got shocked, this bottle contraption showed up, so she was guessing someone else got a shock too.  This just made me laugh.  If you think about it, this is quite the invention.  It will probably never make a Pinterest board, but I have to give whoever came up with this design some credit for creativity, functionality!  


  1. if you run a string from the ceiling into the bottle it won't this from a friend who lived in a leaky apt. in college....but maybe to be safe you should redirect it by putting the string through some plastic pipe and then put it in a bucket...away from the electricity...:)

  2. A good temp solution, but PLEASE fix the roof because this will come to a bad end.

    1. Yes, I have already expressed my concern to the barn owner. It made me nervous!

  3. A good temp solution but PLEASE fix the leak. A bad end will come sooner or later.