Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Update: Playing Well With Others!

Tonight we got several inches of snow pretty fast, and the dogs have been taking full advantage of it!  At first I wasn't too excited to see snow, however I will admit that there is something about the way that it renews that world that is absolutely stunning.  This paired with the fact that it is only 32 degrees outside actually makes it bearable!  

I decided to take the pups out for a little romping and got quite the surprise when Stella and Chai decided to play!  You have to understand that Stella is a dog who is a fair bit dog aggressive if she feels threatened, and sometimes only she understands exactly why she feels threatened.  (The rest of the world can't exactly make sense out of her thinking at times.)  Chai is dog aggressive as well.  He rarely plays with any other dog, so for him to play is a huge deal!  

It is hard to believe that Stella is the same dog that I brought home just a few weeks ago.  She has come so far, and is doing amazingly well.  Stella is figuring out how to adjust from her show/kennel life which was solitary due to her aversion of dogs, and she is learning how to adjust and function in a pack.  I am damn proud of this girl.  It is not easy to ask someone to get over something that they fear, yet Stella trusts me and this pack of dogs and I have only had a few scuffles.  Look how happy she is running with Ziggy and Chai.  This proves, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

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  1. Glad to hear that Stella is doing well.

    Jim and Gayle