Saturday, March 16, 2013

LOST! Help her find her home!

The hunt for Tina's home was unsuccessful today.  I had prayed that I would wake up today to the animal shelter calling me, saying that Tina's owner had called the shelter and excitedly wanted to be reunited with their beautiful girl.  In my mind the reunion was going to be amazing!  There was going to be tears of happiness, excited chatter, and a wiggly chihuahua smack dab in the middle of it all.  It would be a happy ending that would make Disney jealous!  Instead today brought nothing....   

I woke up this morning unable to sleep, worried about the male chihuahua that we wouldn't catch.  (It bothers me to know that there might still be one of them outdoors in the cold....)  I waited until 8 am and then drove to all of our area veterinarians searching for a microchip or a visual recognition on the dog.  I got nothing.  I stopped by all of the area groomers, and asked them if they recognized her, and again turned up empty handed.  I stalked down the postal carriers like a treasure hunter looking for gold, and got nothing.  

Here is where I need you help folks!  Can you please share this girl's photo and information?

Tina is a tan chihuahua or chihuahua mix.  She was running with a male chihuahua on Friday night (3/15/2013) in the area of German and Fifth St. in Tipp City, Ohio.  She has to belong to someone!  This dog is house trained, knows commands, and someone has obviously loved her greatly.  She is well mannered, a bit on the heavy side, and  has recently had her toenails trimmed.  Her owner or someone in their house smokes.  Do you know of anyone missing a dog that matches this description?  Your parents, neighbors, friends?  Can you repost and share this information regardless?  My email address is  Thank you!

Tina wants to go home, lets share her info and get her there!

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