Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Endings!

The night I came home from the hoarding case, my soul was deeply bothered.  This song became my anthem as I prayed, called, arranged, pleaded, cried, adopted, smiled, and laughed.  Please turn up your speakers, click on this link push play, and minimize the page while you read this blog post folks.  If I could set this rescue mission to music, this would be the song.  More so, it would be the promise that I made to 80 pairs of eyes....

Everyday I am reminded that miracles happen around here.  Whether it be in the form of tomato seeds sprouting, warm eggs fresh from a chicken, or lives being saved through dog rescue, miracles happen and I am constantly reminded that God has a hand in my life here.  

I have been worried about finding Stella the perfect home, and to be honest I have been a complete mess about this dog.  I have teetered silently back and forth, analyzing if keeping her would be the better option for Stella and myself.  I wasn't convinced that I needed to keep her though.  The whole reason I rescue is to rehabilitate the dog, and to get them to a point where they can function and bless someone else's life, right?!  Having my head tell my heart this has not been easy, so I prayed.  I asked God to guide me and help me make the right decision for Stella.

Then on Sunday I got this beautiful letter from a woman named Lora.  Lora felt immediately connected to Stella and was so excited about the possibility of adopting her.  She wrote me asking if I thought that Stella could ever live with another dog, and I had to tell her that yes, she lives in a pack of 6 balanced dogs now and functions beautifully.  Not only was Lora looking for one dog, she was looking for 2 dogs!  The plan is to bring the second dog (Another collie from the hoarding case, named Hawk.) here to my house.  I will form a friendship between the two dogs, and then they will go to Lora and her family in Texas.  Let me tell you this is a rescuer's dream!  Lora will be flying in to meet the lucky pooches, and will then fly in again to adopt and take them home.  

I think it's the fact that I was so involved with this case that is makes my heart and head fight like an old married couple.  Stella was the first dog that I saw when I got to the house that night.  She was sitting in a kennel to the right as you walked into the kitchen, and she was so damn regal.  I will never forget the look on that dog's face when she looked at me.  It was as if the world had stopped, and I remember standing there in that kitchen, overwhelmed by the situation, verbally promising that girl that we were going to help her.  She looked at me in a way that just said, "I am so over this and being in this situation is so beneath me...."  She was right, and my work is almost over.  I kept my promise to this girl and an amazing home is on the horizon.  I couldn't think of a more deserving dog than Stella.  And thousands of miles away is a family that won the "rescue doggie lottery", because finding a dog as wonderful as Stella is a one in a million find.  

Please bear with me as my heart acts bi-polar.  The tears I cry are tears of excitement, sadness, relief, and hormonal craziness, but more than anything they are tears of happiness.  Now the real work starts.....  I have to form a pack out of two dogs, teach Stella how to sit, and most importantly I have to teach her how to say "ya'll".  I can't send Stella to Texas without teaching her that!  



  1. Love this!!! Thank you Emily.

  2. She is a great dog wishes...

  3. What a beautiful outcome! Stella was meant to be in your hands Emily if only for a short time.

  4. I can relate to this many times over. They are where they are meant to be for the one meant to have them when it comes time furever. We are just a stop along the way in their journey, "home".