Monday, March 25, 2013

VIDEO! Update: Stella

Photo: The primal collie....

I posted this video on my personal Facebook page 5 days ago, however I have had several people ask for updates on Stella.  So, I am posting it here for those people to see.  

Stella has made so much progress here, and it is amazing just how far she has come.  Her dog aggression has not reared it's ugly head for so long that you forget it was ever a problem to begin with.  The only problems that I still have are resource guarding over food, however this video is proof that she is over coming that obstacle as well.  This is an exercise we have worked several weeks on, and I have to say I am damn proud of this girl!

I am constantly amazed by how much dogs live in the now.  Stella only know  that she wants to fit into this pack and to live in harmony.  I must say she has done a fine job over coming her past! 

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