Monday, March 4, 2013

"Brew" Money for Betsy?!

Betsy was an owned dog that was loved very much by her family.  Sadly, her owners died and Betsy found herself homeless.  She was adopted by a gentleman and his family where she has been living for the last month.  They decided that 2 dogs and a busy lifestyle was not in the best interest of Betsy, so she was stated to go to the shelter.  Lost & Found K9 Rescue stepped in to help this beautiful girl.  

When Betsy first arrived, she was limping noticeably on her rear leg.  Thinking that she was just a bit sore from being an older girl, she was taken to the vet to be looked at.  When she was examined, the vet noticed that she had severe pain in her right hip.  An xray quickly confirmed that Betsy had a dislocated hip that had been that way for quite some time, and this girl was in quite a bit of pain.  After a discussion with the vet, it was decided that the best thing for Betsy would be to have a Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) performed so that the pain she had been living in could be relived.  

An FHO is a surgical procedure that removes that head and neck of the femur.  It is a salvage procedure, reserved for only when the dog's pain has reached a point that there is no other way to manage it.  The procedure exposes the head of the femur and the head is removed by a small saw or bone hammer, and it is not replaced.  Instead the body will heal this and the joint will develop a fibrous scar tissue so that instead of the joint rubbing bone-bone, which is why the dog was originally in so much pain, the body will form a "false joint" and the pain will disappear.  

The good news is that Betsy should make a full recovery, although she will benefit from staying thin and being walked on a regular basis.  The best news is that she will no longer be in pain!  With that being said, Betsy's adventure at the vet today was not a cheap adventure.  (That paired with the fact that Molly had to have her eye removed...)  What we would like is to ask for one day of your "brew" money.  I know, you are wondering what in the heck I am talking about, right?!  We know times are tough, and money is tight, that is why we would like to see if you could donate the $5.00 that you would normally spend buying your morning cup of coffee on Betsy!  Please could you use Folgers just for tomorrow, and donate the money you would have spent at Starbucks on this girl?  In your mind, insert Sarah McLachlan singing that Angel song right here...  And if you hear Sarah in your mind, and feel Betsy in your heart please send your $5.00 donation by:

1)  Paypal to (Please make sure that you mark that it is a donation so no fees have to be paid on your donation!)

2)  Called in to our veterinarian at 937-335-6999  (Let them know you would like to make a donation to the care of Betsy with Lost & Found K9 Rescue, and our account number is 17610.)

3) Or by check made payable to: Lost & Found K9 Rescue, 1890 Old Staunton Rd., Troy Ohio 45373, and put Betsy's name in the memo section!

Your donation is tax deductible since we are an Ohio non-profit!

Thank you all in advance for caring!  And of course, we will keep you updated on Betsy! 


  1. I enjoyed your story on Betsy and I am making a donation of $10. My Mom's are going to take me to the vet so I can give them money for her account. I hope you like my blog.

    From Pondering by Pete
    PS I hope you check back with my blog soon.

    1. Thank you for reading my blog Pete, and thank you for donating money towards Betsy's surgery. It means a lot to her and to me. I love reading your blog! It is saved on my favorites and I check on it often.
      Friends, Emily.